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Parasitter Kløe Stop | lotion Kløe Mider Svamp
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Kløe Mider Svamp - petCat Protect 3010

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Parasitter Kløe Stop Lotion | Shampoo
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Lotion | Shampoo - petCat Set 2141

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Øremider Ørekløe Stop | Lotion Kløe Øremider Øreskæl
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Kløe Øremider Øreskæl - petCat Health 3011

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Parasitter Kløe Stop | Shampoo Kløe Mideangreb Svampeangreb
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Kløe Mideangreb Svampeangreb - petCat Health 3104

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Sårpleje SkinRepair | Balm Sår Eksem
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Sår Eksem - petDog Health 2107

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Sårpleje | Pulver Zeolit Absorberende Neutraliseret
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Zeolit Absorberende Neutraliseret - petDog Health 2106

petDog Set 2132
Sårpleje SkinRepair Balm | Puder
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Balm | Puder - petDog Set 2132

Skin care in the cat:
peticare stops strong itching immediately

Skin diseases in the cat usually occur suddenly and do not always have something to do with good or bad keeping. Especially in late summer, outdoor cats like to come home with fleas or mites. These parasites settle on the skin of the cat and trigger skin diseases with severe itching. Lice and ticks can also irritate the cat's skin and cause illness. Fungal diseases and bacterial diseases, which promote the development of abscesses on the skin, are also among the pathological lesions on which a cat can become ill in the course of its life.

This is how you can identify major problems on your cat

An all-round healthy cat can be recognized by a shiny coat that grows thickly and shows no bald spots. Even if the skin of the cat is still covered by a dense layer of fur, you can quickly detect skin problems in your cat. The coat loses its shine, becomes dull, or even falls completely off. It makes kakle spots, the skin is red, shivers and the cat reacts with excessive scratching or other essential changes. In this case, you should always respond and see a vet. When he makes a diagnosis, you will find by peticare the right care product for the treatment and care of skin and coat.

Mites and itching in the cat: peticare helps quickly and reliably

There are many skin care products for the cat on the market. However, efficacy is lost in most cases because the animals lick off ointments and creams after application, or get rid of the care product by rolling in the grass or skinning on the trees.

To prevent this, peticare has developed the special release system. Natural active ingredients that are free of chemical substances are stored in a porous, homogeneous structure. As a result, the active ingredients are released only gradually and can act over a longer period. The itching is stopped immediately. A film on the skin prevents new infection. Even if the first layer of the ointment has been removed, the underlying layer is released, so that an effective depot effect arises. You only need to apply the product once - the cat's skin has time to regenerate and recover. Fleas and mites disappear within a short time.

Natural active ingredients, harmless application: peticare helps without chemical mace

We use only natural ingredients and no harmful chemicals for our cat skin care products. Our products are completely chemical-free and yet the release agent and highly effective ingredients make them the best skincare products in cats.

The skin care in case of fungal and mite infestations includes among other things: 

1. cold-pressed coconut oil (vitamin E)

2. chamomile extract (Egyptian organic chamomile flowers)

3. medical pure white oil

4. distilled ylang-ylang oil

In contrast to many competing products, our skin care product contains no neem oil, no tea tree oil and no antibiotic. The resettlement of mites is reliably stopped.

These effective ingredients stop even the most intense itching instantly.


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