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Mallenders Udslæt Stop | Lotion Mallenders Udslæt Fesselekzem
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Mallenders Udslæt Fesselekzem - petHorse Health 2006

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Sårpleje Skurvpleje | Balm Skurv Skorpe
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Skurv Skorpe - petHorse Health 2016

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Frøerpleje | Lotion Rot Hærdning Dehydrering
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Rot Hærdning Dehydrering - petHorse Health 2005

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Hovpleje | Olie Vækst Stabilitet Elasticitet
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Vækst Stabilitet Elasticitet - petHorse Health 2007

LivingClean 2010
Overfladedesinfektion | Spray Bakterier Vira Mider Svamp
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Bakterier Vira Mider Svamp - LivingClean 2010

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Sårpleje SkinRepair | Balm Sår Eksem
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Sår Eksem - petDog Health 2107

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Zeolit Absorberende Neutraliseret - petDog Health 2106

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Sårpleje SkinRepair Balm | Puder
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Balm | Puder - petDog Set 2132

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Frøerpleje | Mallenders | Hovpleje Lotion | Lotion | Olie
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Lotion | Lotion | Olie - petHorse Set 2117

Care of the hoof and frog in the horse

Peticare care products against mallenders and other hoof diseases

Hardly a horse receives the freedom of movement that would be optimal for its hoof. Long stall times can attack the hoof and frog and contribute to the development of long and complicated hoof diseases. It is therefore very important to ensure proper treatment of the hooves or use the right care products in case of illness. Peticare has its own range of products for treating hooves and frogs, as well as a system of active ingredients that can effectively combat hoof diseases such as mud fever.

How do horse hoof diseases develop?

One of the most persistent diseases of the horse's hoof is mud fever, also called mallenders. It usually arises in the fold of the pastern and is caused by moisture in the floor or in the stable box. The skin is attacked by the humid and cold climate and is therefore the optimal door opener for bacteria. Even a poor diet or poor freedom of movement favors the development of mud fever. Horse owners notice this hoof disease first from slightly reddened skin, from scabby areas and excrescences.  Inflammations are easily formed under this layer, which inflate the leg and, of course, cause pain to the horse. If left untreated, this disease can therefore be even fatal for the animal.

Another unpleasant disease of the hoof is thrush. It is caused by a damp climate in the stable as well. In the straw, the faeces and urine of the horse are decomposed, forming ammonia. This gas attacks the animal's hoof. Cracks are created through which the bacteria penetrate. that trigger the inflammation that attacks the frog. The processes of putrefaction must be stopped as soon as possible to prevent the disease from spreading to the entire leg of the animal.

What special products does Peticare offer for horse hoof care?

In order to avoid horse-hoof diseases from the start, Peticare has developed a special care for horse hooves and frogs, which is also often used for hoof regeneration after being recovered from an illness. It contains oils that promote growth and give back to the dry and fragile hoof its elasticity. At the same time, this hoof care prevents the horse from developing cracks in the stratum corneum where the bacteria lurk. The hoof remains healthy in every season of the year and retains its stamina. The care is applied in a thin and uniform layer on the hoof.

Peticare helps your horse in case of mud fever and frog thrush

Not even a good care of the animal, a frequent cleaning of the stable and regular outdoor walks do not prevent the development of hoof diseases such as mud fever and thrush. Now it is important to react quickly using the right care products.

The Peticare care system includes special care products that effectively combat mud fever, eczema and thrush:

1. Treatment of mud fever in the fetlock bend

This special care product protects from a new bacterial infestation and guarantees a sustainable regeneration of the horse's skin. In cases where hooves are affected, the product stops the formation of rot and prevents a new creation.

2. Treatment of thrush in the horse

This completely organic premium technological product penetrates even in the smallest cracks of the horse and thus prevents further infestations. It blocks the putrefaction processes of the hoof, moisturizes and prevents the hardening and drying of the hoof in a lasting way.

Long-term and delayed action: this is what distinguishes Peticare from other care products on the market

The effect of many other hoof and frog care products on horses is limited by the fact that these preparations do not remain on the hoof long enough to perform an action. The horse scratches on the fence or stands with the hoof in the wet straw - and the product is removed and therefore loses its effect. It is at this point that Peticare begins with the special release system and binds the active ingredients together with the excipients in a matrix of active ingredients. It is a porous structure, which releases the active ingredients only gradually. If the surface level is removed, the next level is released. Thanks to this retarding effect, the single application of the hoof and frog care product can have its effect up to 24 hours