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petDog Health 2104
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Sår Eksem - petDog Health 2107

Black flies in the dog:
to prevent eczema, dermatitis, neurodermatitis with Peticare

The black flies are less dangerous but much more annoying mosquitoes for healthy dogs. As in humans, the bite of this insect causes spots that itch on the dog's skin. Dog owners often confuse the black fly with the common fly because it is difficult to distinguish one from the other with the naked eye. But the black fly rests on the dog's skin and takes a nice bite. Then it spreads this bite hole with its jaws and sucks the dog's blood. The dog reacts to the saliva of the black fly that inhibits the coagulation of the blood, by producing its own histamine, which in turn triggers a strong itching. In special cases, severe allergic reactions may also occur in the dog. This is unpleasant and interferes with the welfare of the animal. Moreover, some dogs develop stronger reactions due to the bite of the black fly, which trigger the terrible dermatitis (summer dermatitis, neurodermitis) that is feared by many owners.

Black flies and summer dermatitis: a bite can have consequences 

Many dog owners are not aware of the place where their dog was infected with summer dermatitis. It can be caused by the bite of black flies. The dog scratches at this very point and loses its fur. Open wounds are created. Since black flies like to attack the dog in a swarm, the problem usually does not remain confined to a single point. The wound that is now open, itchy and often suppurative, attracts even more black flies, which worsen the eczema.

Peticare Stop Black flies in the dog: move the black fly away even before it bites

Insects are attracted by some odorous substances and often by the smell of dog sweat. To prevent these gnats from approaching the dog, it is therefore necessary to act effectively against these attractive substances. To achieve this effect, Peticare uses certain pheromones that prevent the animal from communicating with the black fly through odorous substances. The so-called alarm pheromones simulate a dangerous situation and stimulate the escape behavior in black flies.

Stop black flies in dogs is available in spray and roll-on forms. After use, black flies and biting midges are kept away from the animal for up to 24 hours. The product supports the defense against black flies and is 100% organic.

1. against all black flies (1550 species)
2. against all biting midges (5000 species)
3. prevents summer dermatitis
4. immediate effect / no waiting
5. natural pheromones
6. guaranteed absolutely odorless
7. dermatologically harmless
8. extremely parsimonious and with excellent yield

Recommendation for use: to strengthen the effect you should spray the product on the animal in 3 - 7 points. Two sprays are sufficient for each point.

Why does Peticare Stop Black flies help better than other preparations?

The Peticare® special release system guarantees a constant and prolonged release. With other preparations, repellents are applied directly to the animal's skin. If the dog scratches or takes water from a storm, the product is washed away and then becomes ineffective. Peticare deposits pheromones in a matrix of active ingredients. Thanks to this, the substances are released only gradually over a period of 24 hours. If the first layer of the Stop Black flies has been removed, the underlying layer becomes effective. This deposit effect ensures that your pet is protected all day long from the attack of black flies and that summer dermatitis does not even develop.

Eczema, summer dermatitis, neurodermatitis after bites of black flies: Peticare helps your dog

After a bite of a black fly, most dogs suffer from severe itching. To stop this, dog owners can use the special dog shampoo that helps with the itchy areas of the skin. This shampoo supports healing of swollen areas of the skin and restores the function of the skin barrier.

If the bite of the black fly has already caused eczema, dermatitis or neurodermatitis, then we recommend our product for its treatment, petdog health 2100. This highly effective care treatment protects the dog's skin, closes the wound and stops itching . This is also a retard preparation with delayed release of the active substance.  



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